30 Days of Presence

Thank you so much for joining me for #30DaysOfPresence! April 2020 has been an epic month of “undoing the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence.” #ACIM

#StayHome A global retreat in a time of an unprecedented Wake-Up Call! Start your own retreat now ~ simply click the playlist below for potent 5-10 minute ACIM inspired videos for Awakening! Mystic Sarah St. Claire is animated by the JOY of a Spirit led life!

3 0  – D a y s   o f    P r e s s e n c e   P l a y l i s t :

💙 Some reflections and insights from those who joined in the 30-Days of Presence please add your own reflections in the comments below!

~ Nick in the UK : Thank you for ever-so-softly showing me what I had been hiding from my Self. Your unspoken yet uncompromising commitment to going all the way speaks directly to my own, and that is like a breath of fresh air to me. Hopefully, I’ll no longer be tempted to run around trying to share the water of life, but be happy to just bubble away instead 😊♥️

~ Judith in Mexico : Sarah, Thank you for the videos…I did look forward to each one. I feel the question would you rather be good or awake was really profound. I have just put it into the desire circle in levels of mind inquiry.

——–Sarah : to Judith Beautiful, it is only making it a form goal that compromises us. We are inherently good. Trying to be any type of ‘person’ is the limitation. There is nothing more lovely than to be around one who is authentically devoted to relaxing into true peace when conflict arises.

We used to call it the “sober and awkward club.” We made it like a playful game to expose the little pockets of shame as they arose, rather than smooth them over.

At first a little scary and then exhilarating like free climbing. We feel alive and in a vibrant trust with one another where nothing had to be hidden or forced to reveal. Just welcome if it popped up!

~ Carrie in Europe : I’m finding this *super* helpful for my inward journey. I put this video playlist on when I feel asleep last night, and woke up to a startling dream that is showing me how I’m prioritizing what I’m being shown in a relationship with what seems to be more of an emotional emergency… I Love seeing what’s emerging from this!  I’m re-listening in the waking dream and now on Day 16… Wow. The tears! 🤗 Thank you for creating this … It’s SO GOOD! 

~ Mike in Missouri : The video series seem to highlight exactly what was coming up each day I was tuned in. The perfect message at the perfect time. It’s ultimately so simple yet there is such a gift in the fine nuances. ❤️

~ Helen B.C. Canada : I have found it super helpful as I shared in comments on individual episodes I found the combination of different mediums (images, sound, music etc.), formats and characters very powerful. And I really appreciated the very precise practical lessons and examples. I joined part way through so I have a few more episodes to go through and very much looking forward to doing that! A beautiful, potent clear expression and extension! Muchas Gracias! 😍

~ Janice in Ontario, Canada  : DEEP Appreciation Sarah! These have been extremely powerful – literally seem to have met me exactly where / what needed to be heard / experienced / clarified – great gestalt moments and definitely some deep uncomfortable resistance in some moments (shit plan being one of them LOL) – I am not done with these! I listened to many more than twice and the deeper meaning is washing us all into awakening – THANK YOU!

~ Karolina in Poland : Very helpful. I have actually never heard any speaker that would hit so much home with the very subtleties of mind training with A Course in Miracles like you do, especially in your Spreaker talks. I love what you’re doing with the videos and the level of honesty that shines through that. You’re you–and that’s very attractive. Thank you Sarah. I feel compelled to say I am always available to you if you need anything, especially in terms of your content, et cetera. Much Love <3 <3 <3

🌿 #30DaysOfPresence and #90DaysOfForgiveness 🌿
~ Sarah St. Claire encourages increasing transparency as a way to Know ThySelf! 🕊

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