Better Off Wrong

No one tells you how contra-intuitive the Spiritual path is in the end. Once your main mantra has been said, your main man slung to the curb and all your chants called and responded to there is nothing left but to repeat while changing the chakra color palette. The essential element of self pleasuring remains. Even if it looks like being hip cool and edgy, it is still just a “look.” The word “artist” is just as conforming as the word “factory assembly line worker”—same. What passes for inspiration becomes a tired tirade of totally egoic preferences all tied up in an individualized bow. You are not a unique creation. You are not worth it.

Having a favorite, ice-cream, box-sett or sexual position simply limits your identification with happiness. You are sad when it seems to be unavailable. Why hold such a vicious thing as an opinion when it narrows your field of connection? What value has it? Self importance? Opportunist clever making? Point scoring? Know it all? It is not wise or safe or even sane to fix a moment in time like an “I Love Leo” tattoo declaring a titanic mistake. Our hopes and dreams become distorted with time like that post pregnancy ink whale that used to be a svelte dolphin.

There are no absolutes in time and space. Right and wrong are moral fashion accessories. There is no code in form that you can align to no mode of conduct or safe copy cat conformity. You must awaken to Innocence—a pristine state beyond the belief in guilt that has no opposite. It’s an all or nothing state of mind. You can’t be a little bit wrong, just like it can’t be a little bit light—it’s not a matter of degree!

So once your finished following your personal bliss, and have sufficiently entertained your inner child, consider the only truly self serving activity. Choosing what serves the whole, it undoes all personal constraints and considerations. Mask off—free your mind and open yourself up to serve Happiness!





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