Bloom Where You’re Planted

I found this movie and thought of you! The Magic Of Ordinary Days click for Movie Review 

Spiritually, homesteading is a lifestyle choice that invites you to “bloom where you’re planted.”

It is about establishing what is healing for you, in every situation. You don’t really choose where or what or with whom—that’s already built into *the plan. But you do have to get dug-in and decide to commit wholeheartedly to the home you find yourself in, making it as warm and open a hearth, dropping defenses and welcoming in New Life.

Homesteading is really a way of flourishing even in a barren landscape by allowing yourself to be sourced from within, that’s the real Self-reliance. Human creativity and ingenuity must surrender to a Miraculous use of time rather than a linear defensive provision to maintain a way of life that you personally fortify. Commit to an elastic mind with an inexhaustible allowance for the messiness of forgiveness and a pliable will supple enough to be tied down or scattered like seeds blown to the wind—whatever the season necessitates.

Take heart my sister, you will be a blessing to every hearth you sit at. We are merely stewards of this earth—nobody really owns anything—be not possessed of that burden. Travel lightly and far whether the night is one moon or 900 long. You will find true rest in every Given bed, no need to stake a claim for your “own.” Establish no such limit on your receiving! There are many mansions in my Father’s house.

"In my Father's house are many mansions: 
if it were not so, I would have told you. 
I go to prepare a place for you." (John 14:2 KJV)

Bluebell Wood – Blooming along the Way!


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2 thoughts on “Bloom Where You’re Planted

  1. Where are you, Sarah? I am still in Moab. Moab isn’t quite ready for you; but will be soon. Stay in touch.


    1. Hi Tatsy, with you in Spirit! We are both ready for that instantly—no preparation required. 🙂 Love You

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