Down spiral down – now there is no bottom to fear. What before seemed like a sink is an opening to emptiness. Dropping out is an invitation to a deeper realm. Here I can breathe every moment a liquid oxygen intake of forgiveness, the abyss is all about the fall. Free falling, without any pro-active personal-protectionism. Feel the cool swirl all around. Swish of shadows passing by—tail fins or friends? All awareness is now welcome, I accept I cannot differentiate. There are no alien objections.

Synthesizing solutions to perceived adverse situations holds no appeal. Free of fake I am open to the reveal. False responsibility drains away. Guilt needs oxygen to survive and this depth is sublime, and blind. There is no fortuitous emotion more abundant than an authentic feel. There is no up in space. Training told us “the enemies gate is down” and yet if there is no other the war is over and orientation askew. Settling into seesaw change, all reverse, saved. This is surrender. To be utilized. To serve. Playing a part upon a stage. Epic ideas yield to ordinary miracles where kindness simply abides and forgiveness is legion and leisurely because there is no resistance now—to Love. There is no objection now to beauty, there is no hold on happiness, now.

A fluid impressionist painting without good or bad. It was merely missing the mark, no sins to contemplate. A singular mistaken identity is all it illustrates. The pressure equalizes, inner and outer osmotic holiness homogenizes. Unknowing is constant, Spirit level connection gauges response timing intimacy, matrix 0’s and 1’s. No more morse code deciphering. Communication’s all dots and dashes to me. I get the point or I delay incessantly.

Pull the plug. What dreams may come all willingness is finely tuned to the Acceptance of being the dreamer by not fighting the reflections on the screen.

…and anyway…

The only gratitude worthy of reply is to truly die—slowly, swiftly without a reason why. Devoid of distraction, instant karma perfects the saintly. Clear clear clarity sparkles around. There are no dim imaginings. It’s all for me! Call for me. Home time—now. I’ll be waiting—come and find me!

Sigma “Find Me” ft. Birdy

Christ of the Abyss

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