Fantasy, Fairytales and Forgiveness

Galadriel glides towards the fountain and fills to the brim a silver jug. Gently she pours from her own breast the openness to reflect awareness. “What will I see?” asks Frodo “Even the wisest cannot tell.” Answers Galadriel, wide open and expectant—no one knows what the subconscious will reveal—except that it is untrue. Only the Truth is true!

Holy relationship offers an invitation to total commitment. Simultaneously your brother is both your mirror and your savior. He can reflect all your dark imaginings and allow you to face your fears or you can minimize them and blame the reflection as other and against. The choice is yours; heaven or hell; Christ or anti-christ; Love or Fear. To whom do you choose to listen and with whom do you choose to see?

The Vision of the Holy Spirit does not preclude raising up of the darkness to the light. It is a steady torch of clarity as murky imaginings are purported and once clearly seen dissolve. It provides a constant witness to what is true when all that is false appears. It does not flinch, it does not conflict when confronted, being singularly confirmed in it’s purpose. It holds the big picture and expands to a wide-angle point of view for what serves the whole. 

This miracle minded aperture is like a state of Grace—attending to personal considerations without allowing them to limit. It is beyond situational thinking, devoid of compromise, devoted to collaboration and certain of happiness for all. Can you say the same of your own personal plan? The ego’s plan! No person is wise enough to know that.

You are not responsible for the error, you are responsible for the correction. Like a large format serenity prayer A Course in Miracles urges us to have the wisdom to know the difference.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

We’ve been re-watching The Lord of the Rings for 2-weeks now. Yes it’s long, but not that long. We get through about 5 to 15-minutes at a time before one of us passes out. I don’t mean fall asleep—I’m talking about an intensity of resistance that takes you out! This revisit is awakening some dormant themes for both of us. I consider it most definitely an answer to a prayer—all be it one I may be reluctant to receive.  This humble story of a true messenger of Spirit is one of the early symbols of my own calling.

“I know what it is you saw for it is also in my mind!” —Galadriel

We are all afraid that the guilt we have feared to look upon will be exposed and that we will be blamed. Transparency is terrifying to an untrained mind unaware that the thoughts it thinks it thinks, are not it’s own—but the ego’s! Choosing a universally wrong minded belief system is simply a mistake that calls for correction not condemnation. A guide like Galadriel is not dismayed  by what is exposed, or deceived in her companion’s true nature.

Suggested reading ~ “The fear to look within.” —ACIM

Frodo is terrified of this total responsibility seeing it as a sacrifice and fearing that he will be made some kind of scapegoat. In offering the ring to Galadriel he is is trying to get rid of guilt—which is attack. Her response perfectly mirrors his belief and inverts her to a dark queen he would have rule him instead of a dark lord. Yet she is is steady in her identity as the energies move through and passes the test.

I have found myself of late, mirroring that which is arising for healing, more than “mirroring eternal realities.” It caused me disquiet at first till in prayer I was given an image of Galadriel—a benevolent figure of angelic composure. “Ah yes” I thought,”that’s how I’d like to come across!” I have been more like an emotional seismograph predicting early warning signs of earthquakes and impending tremors. My responses have seemed over-the-top (even to me). My reactions appear disproportionate to the situation as a social construct, yet it turns out absolutely indicative of the desire to displace guilt and blame that the saint in training has been experiencing. It’s been a little alarming to both of us. Then the Spirit showed us this 5-minute clip from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and it brought great relief to both of us.

Instantly the new ring bearer, like Frodo, knew what he had to do, and could simply admit that he was afraid to do it. He was able to address his shame of bringing up attack thoughts and his desire to continually minimize fear in order to “not ruin a good mood.” His resolute denial that anything was amiss for the last few weeks had been raising an almost tsunami alarm response in me. Thanks to Galadriel’s demonstration, my judgement of how I was being used in the plan of forgiveness diminished.

We joined deeply about how awakening is a collaborative adventure and not a personal one. How the grievances and hatred being exorcised from the mind must be exposed through willingness and devotion to see they are not true. I have become so intolerant of guilt and devoted to peace that I experience immediate discomfort and desire to address it at once. Like in The Princess and the Pea the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale of a girls hyper sensitive awareness revealing her to be true royalty. Smoothing over the belief in conflict only maintains the drama, and I have most definitely felt like I have been in a play these last 2-weeks. Involuntarily used I would say is definitely the feeling. Puppeted for what serves the whole is the desire. I have put myself under Christ control.

We have become so joined, operating 24/7 as a single unit of forgiveness. It is such a trick to think of peace in form. Pseudopeace requires that things look a certain way and sound spiritual, but undoing the self concept is definitely messy! “Trust would settle every problem now.” —ACIM

It is appropriate to be respectful of a thought system that you have devoted your life to upholding. The power of your mind is immense, whether conscious or unconscious. All consciousness is the domain of the ego, yet without your support that thought system has no power over you. What is important here is the restoration of that awareness. Otherwise the intensity is so unbearable that projection ensues and you this mistaken identity, are once again miscast upon the screen as victim or victimizer instead of the observer.

Our one true responsibility is to accept that Correction. Forgiveness restores awareness of original innocence and allows us to see the play of good and bad as maya. Our identity is beyond time and space. We did not create ourselves nor do we create our own reality. Reality simply is. It is experienced once all discordance has been questioned. It is a happy dream of Heaven. Be thankful that we cannot miscreate—be glad to be mistaken!

“rules for decision” —ACIM

“This means that you are choosing not to be the judge of what to do. But it must also mean you will not judge the situations where you will be called upon to make response. For if you judge them, you have set the rules for how you should react to them. And then another answer cannot but produce confusion and uncertainty and fear.” —T-30.I.3.

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