A collection of collections that I have found supremely helpful 🙂 I will continuously update it!

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06-14-17 The World is an Illusion
05-31-17 The Inward Journey
05-17-17 What’s My Purpose?
05-03-17 Let It Go
04-19-17 Devotion and the Key to Happiness
04-05-17 The Happy Dream
03-22-17 Toward a Rapid Awakening
03-08-17 Love is Our Source

Watch ANSWERS with Kirsten Buxton | PRESENCE & CLARITY with A Course in Miracles

Kirsten Buxton is an absolutely beautiful example of an authentic journey of awakening. Her commitment to embracing all the Forgiveness opportunities that the present moment offers is truly refreshing. Because of this devotion she is a most wonderful mighty companion—every instant spent with her is Real! Enjoy these Spreaker talks and learn more at

Asheville 1 – What is it ForAsheville 2 – Everything Is MindKnoxville – The Kingdom of HeavenCedar Rapids – Stay With MeRockford – I Will Step BackGlenview – A Love Not Of This WorldAugustine’s in Chicago – Another RealmToledo Unity – Relationship with GodColumbus Unity – Practicality, Purpose & PresenceMassachusetts – Holy Relationship & GriefNew Britain 1 – Presence and HealingNew Britain 2 – What Prevents the Miracle |  Unity of Burbank, L.A Part 1 – Fall Tour Unity of Burbank, L.A Part 2 – Fall Tour  | 

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