Letter to my Brother

“The prognosis from the doctors at work and my own isn’t good, so I have a big decision to make about my future in the in the next few days. It’s like I am about to set sail from the safe harbor with a giant crack in the hull of my ship!”

~ Letter to My Brother ~

Perhaps that’s because you are going to Atlantis? 😉

It may seem counter intuitive, but I have always felt that you wouldn’t be able to fully embrace the new life you desired (and the Universe has waiting for you) until you relinquished or let go of the seeming safety the job and its pension appeared to offer.

I LOVE YOU and trust epically any decision you make for your Life that is based on present inspiration and not on future fear. 
We can’t mess it up!

Love, Sarah 🌠💞🤗💞🌠


The below writing poured out in response… for us All


Mountains reflected in the placid lake. Girl walks on water.

Reflections at MacDonald Lake, Montana

I’m sure this is a mind-blowing scenario for you. One world is bottoming out and you feel ill-equipped for what you imagine is next.

The thing is, from our old world view what we imagine we need to survive or even thrive, no longer actually serves us in terms of our higher potential, and so it is only in relinquishing the seemingly safe harbor that we can be transported to new shores.

The “How?” is not up to us, and can often appear in a tragic form as we would never voluntarily choose to relinquish what previously felt stable. But it is a leap of faith. It is meant to be a journey into the unknown where we do not rely on our own strength and ingenuity anymore, and instead invite Life to show us what it wants from us. We give up self-preservation and planning and embrace the fact that Nature will take care of itself and thrive.

So many movie moments are flooding my mind to illustrate this:

The Mother in “Lorenzo’s Oil” who does the opposite of what all the doctors tell her, and embarks on a journey which may ultimately kill her son within 48 hours.

Jodie Foster in “Contact” when she unstraps from her chair given as a safety harness for her voyage into space, only to find that it was causing all the distress and friction because it wasn’t meant to be part of the plan for this mission of Trust.

Our good soldier in “Source Code” when he questions what his last 8-minutes of life are for? Virtual or not he chooses forgiveness and release through laughter for everyone, and in so doing is in true service to himself and others. He must simply relinquish whom he has been and say, “Yes to Love!” Yes to this moment—without a hypothetical future.

In “Kon-Tiki” when the ties that have logically bound the explorers raft begin to fray and burst apart as the sharks circle, the Norwegian sailors must move past self-doubt—ideas of being stupid or making personal mistakes, beliefs in being selfish to even have attempted the journey, and give way to a fundamental truth of which they were unaware; an ancient wisdom once know but long forgotten—that balsa wood expands and binds to itself.

And so like “Finding Nemo” each seafarer must allow the slip-stream to carry them, as it has legions before to a promised land far from the familiar reef, where they will begin to feel utterly at Home in themselves.

Nemo and Dory enter EAC

Nemo and Dory consider entering the EAC East Australia Current ~ “Finding Nemo”

For this is not an outward adventure, but an inward release of identity and a questioning of what sustains us. Like baby Moses in his basket, we must allow ourselves to be carried to where we are most needed. Where we can best serve exactly as we are in this moment. We must be moved to where the taunt of what we expected, and the grief of what we seemed to be, is no longer a valuable comparison—to what we we simply Are—Innately worthy and essential.

It is the Presence we carry inside that has Sustained us, Guided us and brought us to this moment—this seeming surrender of what we’ve known and built faith in. You have increasingly began to place your faith outside of standard operating procedures, and reason would now tell you that you have reached a critical tipping point. You have actually become convinced—despite many vicious doubt thoughts that there is … more. That there is a better Way! That despite your devotion to the previous system this is not a forgoing or a failure but a sane decision to welcome that which works and is “for” you. It is wise to simply let go of that which no longer serves.

Man in orange robes on sail boat calm lake

Into the Mystic ~ Yogananda at Lake Chapala Mexico

All the energy expended trying to maintain the past can be immediately freed up for the present moment and will reveal a gift so rare and yet so Given that we feel immediately confirmed in our decision. All that lingers now is the echo of hearsay and what “others” may think of our decision. There are no others—it is simply a reverb of our old way of thinking. One last ghoulish stand from the enemy within. But then we realize we have already made the decision—to Trust. Because realistically the old fear-based system has not brought us any closer to the way of life it promised if we played by it’s rules: smarter, faster, harder, better, more, later. It has been exposed as False Evidence Appearing Real.

As the Oracle says to Neo in “The Matrix”  “You didn’t come here to make the choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand *why* you made it.” It’s a very profound moment and one that suggests that we are about to let ourselves down, but that is just a trick—part of the mesmerism. Beyond this point we See it could never have been any different.

The Oracle in the movie the Matrix sitting on a bench with Neo offering him a treat

Oracle “You didn’t come here to make the choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you made it.”

Everything is conducive to support this shift in awareness. To make this enlightened choice “for” ourselves instead of the old seemingly safe one which it turns out was “against.” As the Oracle says, “We can never see past the choices we don’t understand.” And so these final days of reflection are essential in simple acceptance of the fact that our (old) way hasn’t worked. Finally opening up to and totally accepting what will work, even though it is unknown to us and apparently out of our control. “For” not against is the decision we make. That is the ultimate control and the decision to Trust is a very powerful play that must be made with a decisive all-in abandonment in favor of “FOR.” We cannot consider “another” at this moment.

office worker in the snow covered mountain peaks with briefcase

Walter Mitty ~ New Purpose for LIFE

And like “Walter Mitty” no matter how clumsy or awkward we might feel as we embark, each thrilling moment will be so imbued with Life-force energy that the entire Universe will mirror and match our decision. It is the Quintessence of life that matters, the virility of the moment, the passion of the millisecond and the defiance of death and waiting that lead us into a supremely electric and pulsating Presence that transcends our limited sense of Self. We are not to be without limits but we are not to be limited by them! We must act now on our highest Calling embracing every available opportunity to extend and engage. No longer relegated by the concept of how things “should be” or “look” in order for happiness to happen.

We must choose first how we would like to feel and throw down the gauntlet of false cause-and-effect, demanding that we would like it Now! Be blazingly brilliant now, brandish your anger and frustration and fuck the begrudgers for LIFE is here now and claims you as perfect, whole and completely lovable exactly as you are.

I LOVE YOU and trust epically any decision you make for your life that is based on present inspiration and not on future fear.

Man walking with brief case in mid air over city

Walter Mitty ~ Leap of Faith

~ The Response ~

Hi Sarah,
Made my decision. Email to my bosses sent.
‘Weigh Anchor’, ‘I sail with the tide’ Emoji
Thank you for all your support. And the oracle was right. I had made my decision and was just wanting to understand why!
Adventure awaits!


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