Maybon III


As Maybon draws to a close, being shoehorned inside does not shift the expansive state of mind!

The new school shoe is not meant to temper the wildness of summer but to harness her fruits and steady the young child for further growth and expansion. So too with the shift indoors the mind is encouraged to harvest the fruits of exterior engagement to ensure it keeps pace with forgiveness opportunities—lest it linger in a post summer haze of loss and longing.

Bare feet children and new school shoes

Freedom of the body or freedom of the mind?

It is easy to lag and slip into false cause and effect where the mind becomes reactive instead of realizing it’s preeminence. No matter how seductive the situational thinking—we have the experience first, and the story line second—then it appears on the screen to explain why we feel that way and to justify our world view.

“Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down,
and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”
Luke 6:43–45 (KJV)
“For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit;
neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.”

The fruit of awareness is responsibility for sight. It is the key to consistent happiness!

I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience,
and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
A Course in Miracles (T-21.II.2.3-5)

This total Acceptance allows the mind to relax past ideas of self and other, inner and outer, right and wrong and to instead discover an equanimity of response that is both natural and habitual. Being involuntary, this non-reactive emanation results from stability in Miracle-mindedness and absolute devotion to Peace of Mind.

Farmyard fowl turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens

“All creatures great and small”

The next dwelling has been given. A small ranch in northern Montana surrounded by domesticated creatures of every kind. At first being inside, the lack of sky seemed strange, then the static walls compared to our former “wiggly world” encouraged even greater stillness. A small pause before embracing where we were now to be. A prayer of sorts—openly asking “How are we to live here?” Presumption or forcing past purposes upon a scene (however well intentioned) causes delay.

There is no fluctuation when I truly accept “Forgiveness offers everything I want.” ACIM (W-pI.122.1) All of the mind’s energy and what appears to be a “personal” focus shifts to a singular goal. Experience is no longer situational dependent and therefore free of the tyranny of judgment and the belief that “a person” could discern “between” two seeming options. I am continually learning how to think, and feel, with You!

Sarah mirrored with Rumi's Open Door

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” ―Rumi

This is the only real shift to a “new space” ~ One where I abide in You. It is at first a constant deferment to the Holy Spirit. A continual choice to take the second place and not to rely on past learning until there is a merge and the round of questions and answers surrenders to only listening for the Answer. This atunement to truth hones the ear for forgiveness. Doubt holds no value and vacillation is correctly seen as a moment for encouragement, leaning gently in when trepidation arises at embracing the Beloved. There is no push or pull in awakening only eternal patience. A draw to true Intimacy and a Remembrance of Who You Are.

To Know ThySelf is not a lifelong quest as much as a life’s devotion to allowance of “what you are not.” A commitment to “pass on by” without the splinters of judgement and allow this uncarved block to reveal itself exactly as it is—a gentle surrender into not knowing and not understanding what anything is for. With our multiple desires now harnessed for a singular purpose “all things work together for good.”

“Reside in me” a house from 1889 in Livingston, MT delivers our next invitation for October!

An experience of sameness, of equal happiness reveals a choice-less Benevolent Universe as we watch the fall unfold, time and time again, it is merely our attitude that changes as we become “Passers-by” witnessing to a world long gone.

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