This TEDX Talk Video “A 100 Days of Rejection” is quite profound because the speaker inadvertently discovers the simultaneity of time. 

Many people have been taught by their parents that they could do anything they want—if they just tried hard enough. But built into that statement is a belief in linear time, personal effort, accumulation of knowledge and new skills along with a belief in false cause and effect—for readiness.

When we see this conditioned response (willing as it may look) and pause long enough to watch, we notice it is more akin to delay and unworthiness. We begin to recognize that the time line we have built into the fulfillment of any experience is really old style atonement. Basically a moratorium on happiness. We have inserted a compleetely random yet deeply held, intimately personal, compleetely subjective, random sequencing of “ducks in a row.” If X / then Y. 

Daily I offer miracle mindedness as the one solution to perceived problems. A way of looking beyond beliefs in limitation and personal protectionism.

The most common block, is the belief that you could hurt someone. Whether that someone is yourself being “rejected” as this TEDX Talk Video describes, or the fear of “disappointing” someone else—hurting them—by stepping beyond the role you have placed yourself in, in relation to them or the world. All that is required to experience a different result: peace, instantly, without postponing it, is a different point of view.

For many even seeing the possibility of that fulfillment happening effortlessly, releases them from the endeavor entirely and therefore saves time. They realize they had been hijacked and were on a seek and do not find mission. They had never truly evaluated the goal as something their heart desired versus what society said they “should” want in their life. They had also never questioned the “getting” mechanism that their family, culture, age, gender and education insisted was “essential” for attaining this goal.

Every activity we engage in is undertaken only to bring us a certain experience; comfort security, safety, abundance, love, peace friendship etc. We can make a radical shift in our lives by simply choosing to commit to the feeling first instead of the behavior of “getting.” So many busy doings we go about attempting to fulfill this unquestioned, linear progression of false cause and effect.

It is liberating to mentally free yourself at once. All it takes is a mere willingness to walk through a scenario in mind, with a mighty companion to see the potential for release that this moment holds. Yet you would be amazed how terrifying it is for people to discover they are already free—acceptable, now. Procrastination has been their mode of being in the world. It kept them safe, good and trying hard. It gave them an identity. It say’s in the Course, “frightened people can be vicious.” I offer only the invitation to choose once again the world you see, and it can be very playful!

To find the wn-win Vision of the Spirit and accept that relief, now is always good! In truth every instant holds an optimized Way in which you can easily accept this vision correction. By focusing on the attraction of receiving this insight, we become open to new awareness. The intense anxiety of disappointing “others” is not even a stumbling block, because the invitation is to watch in safety, through a conversation, meditation or a movie—something play out differently to our locked-down fear based scenarios. Those hypothetical “future” steps we are terrified we will be asked to take (like becoming Peace Pilgrim or moving to China for missionary work) are moot, because this is first foremost an exercise in mind, in the present. 

We retain the same intention for peace of mind that previous activities were designed to ensure, but now with an actual possibility of fulfillment—release! As it plays out we become aware of many other “mixed” motivations, like desires to keep relationship roles the same, and a wish to maintain the status quo of familiarity even if it is miserable. I join with those who have a growing desire to gently rest in an experience where nothing is being asked of them, except seeing the situation differently. They are convinced there can be “no loss” in this open looking.

Think of it like in an audio track, a compressed time line, where we expand every contraction to simply unravel what it contains. It is the heart monitor on the emotional screen for those birthing Christ. It allows every peak and trough to be stretched and observed as we sit steady in our true desire for peace to be restored to awareness. By not condemning our incremental moment by moment insanely opposing emotions, thoughts, beliefs and desires—they can be questioned.

The jolting sharp spikes in an audio can be easily removed when they are seen as just a cough or a door banging. Here too, in our expansive Holy Instant there is no panic or rush. We can allow all things to be exactly as they seem, without retribution. We can witness that the judgements are not ours. Therefore the false measures we would enact to fix and hide our guilt and shame can be seen clearly. They only minimize distress instead of alleviating it. We breathe into the stark realization that we are actually maintaining a low level panic without hope of reprise. This gentle heart monitor of how we feel allows us to accept that we are unwittingly complicit in our own condemnation and life sentence.

It’s ok, the Comforter has come, we are aware now. The invitation remains the same in this moment. You are responsible for the correction not the error.

Defense—building a case for the motivation of others or yourself only keeps the guilt circulating in time and space like a game of toss the grenade. You don’t need an excuse—nothing has gone wrong. Pull back off the time line and look at the seismograph like erratic ricocheting projection of blame. Question the guilt in it’s vile peaks. Bring all this recorded data memory to the highest court and discover that without even opening this dossier of right and wrong you have amassed against yourself, it will pass it’s final judgement.

Case dismissed.

By taking the courage to look with the Holy Spirit you will experience yourself as FOUND INNOCENT.

That is the last Judgement.

Imagine there is an even better “result” to every life scenario you have ever fantasized about or wished for. One in which what is best in every circumstance for all happens and peace is possible! Your part is merely to accept this last judgement as unconditionally true, for you!

The further you stretch a sound wave to look at it, the flatter it gets.
All Guided action then unfolds from that still miraculous state of mind.

Clarity has a calming effect in our lives, frenetic behavior falls away when seen aright. The perceived force, push, and strain of birthing yields to Truth. We are clear and free, shining and new.

This gladly takes no time at all! ~ Why wait for Heaven?

No-thing can stop you being on purpose right now.
Happiness is your function.
Ask and you shall receive.

TEDX Talk Video The Power of Asking


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