Better Off If I Were WRONG

✨💫 Mysticism 💫✨
Delight in being mistaken
Joy in being Shown!

The desire to be “right” is the opposite of forgiveness. It is a goal opposed to peace and a desire to control the flow of conflict resolution—instead of yielding to accept all things exactly as they are, by acknowledging that we have a PERCEPTUAL PROBLEM.


perceptual light swish

Into the mystic

The willingness to be mistaken is essential in hearing Guidance. Without this initial welcome and desire for Correction (the desire to be “right minded”) there can be no humble following. The i-know mind is continuously strategizing not to be acute in its hearing or accurate in it’s following, but to protect it’s self-concept and therefore reinforce the travesty of what it already believes to be true.

There can be no questioning of belief without the exposing of wrong-mindedness. The shame of being perceived as “personally wrong” is a double bind. It merely describes the problem! Our false responsibility for how things look and our attachment to form outcomes resolving in a certain manner (so as to reflect well on our personae or mask) actually reinforces our perceptual world view and blinds us to the Miracle. This defense mistakenly denies the Light of Forgiveness and disguises our inherent innocence.

“Better off if you were wrong.” (T-30.I.10.3)

Colored fairy lights on moonlit snowy path

Winter Wonderland ~ Fairy Lights on a Mystics Path

There is no way to come to an experience of feeling safe and Loved without unearthing that which is wretched, raw and untrue in the mind. Spurious cause and effect flourishes like a virus when we take possession of opinions, and attempt to hide the guilt of conflicting beliefs thus obscuring our singular desire for peace. We must first come with humble empty arms unto our God, without defense or explanation. Simply to state our current case—not to have it weighed for validity or to have our claim justified for all to see—but to have it mercifully invalidated and summarily dismissed as inherently false. There can be no blame if we accept that all we believe is based on a false premise. We are simply mistaken in everything we see if we believe we are a person in a world. The relief of noticing the error allows us to immediately embrace the Answer and be released in Innocence from the mesmerism and misdirection of the ego. We are already Saved, no arduous path of atonement lays ahead!

Now we can lean in and easily listen from a place of relaxation, truly open to hear the Guidance without fear of sacrifice or retribution. If we are laughably mistaken in whom we are and no longer wish to keep this sad act going we can easily relinquish the tragic comedy that was our doomed interaction with the world. 

We are responsible for the Correction not the error. Take care not project the error to time—to some hypothetical situation outside your reach. All healing is in mind, now. Even if a difficulty appears to repeat, it is still a present moment decision to see it differently. All that is needed is to Accept that we have been mistaken and listen as the Comforter tells us once more of our innate Innocence. We no longer need to defend our previous direction of thinking as it is so obviously insane and not what we truly want that it can be safely discarded. We are simply glad that we are now being shown the Way to be.


Trees and moonlit mist snow scene

Monastic Mysticism ~ Prayer: Clarity in Light

I would say that praying together is completely dependent on this open receptive state of mind that happily offers awareness of any conflicting beliefs and desires to be right as they arise. It is in this joined devoted clearing of what presents that allows Guidance to then be truly welcomed as a gift. A joyful Answer! Any contraction or push away to hearing is gently exposed as we pause to release the personal fear of outcomes so the conflict can be addressed where it is—in “the mind.” Our part is to come as little children and to “not-know” together! It is such a joyful state. It denies that we “should know” or “could understand” anything from this limited personal perspective. It acknowledges that we are deeply loved by the One who does know, in every circumstance, what truly serves the whole. We place our faith in the Miracle that a happy outcome is possible for all. It is this win-win Vision of the Spirit that undoes the belief in sacrifice and denies the perception of separate considerations by emphasizing our singular desire for a shared experience of Peace. “My happiness and my function are one.”

It is a convincing job to be shown that when we sit down to connect with our Brother or Sister this Happy Answer is ALWAYS available. The Spirit does not deal in compromise. It is in our development of Trust that this Truth can be seen and then relied on in every seeming situation where the belief in separate interests would deny or disguise our joint Will.


Mystical lights

Light Angel

Welcome this Holy Instant!

“The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness. See it not outside yourself, but shining in the Heaven within, and accept it as the sign the time of Christ has come.” It is the symbol on the cover of A Course in Miracles—a singular Light that we all choose to See together!

“You need but invite Him in Who is there already, by recognizing that His Host is One…” (T-15.XI.2) #ACIM 

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Mathew 18:20) KJV

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Thank you 2020 ~ Happy New Year 2021!
Let this be a time of joining to see we have been mistaken and to “not-know” together in prayer.
Would I rather be right or happy? Choose happy and be Shown!

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