2:02am the bewitching hour! I sometimes make the mistake of thinking there is something I need to say, in order to come to this blog. In truth there is always something I need to hear. Never more true than when you are woken between 2 and 3am!

So here I am, awake and available and unknowing. What a privilege to be free to listen; to be aware that you could be even more wrong, and therefore happy. I can feel the tingles across my scalp. Sparkling invites to connection. Unspecified communication. Descending streams of affection. I need not understand, I simply stay open to receiving. It’s like a love letter, a minute morse code of light electric tingles. Shekinah surrounds, comfort abounds, and death has no dominion. Serene and soft, relieved of doubt, “I” am not required.

A communication device, what notions have I of “use,” what preferences of deployment. All avenues will be of Love, because there is no other Way. Here I Live, alive with you—Beloved, no-thing could be lacking.

Contracted in false ideas of function, paralysis is for the pro. The novice never knows the “right” move. Beginners luck is a motion without expectation. Unfounded reward is devoid of disappointment. The happening is beyond the doer. It transcends the lie of “personal” performance. So what of failure? To whom does it occur? What constitutes it’s criteria and who deems it’s dues? Claim nothing. Act unexpectedly, especially to yourself. Surprise your sense of self control. Abandon judgment, begin, and allow!


Sparkle and light – love beyond words!


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