The Call of the Wild

“The call of the wild” is pretty much how my dad described his natural tendency. He refused to be conscripted into any sheep mentality. He wilted under authoritarian rule and yet floundered under lax abundance. He needed the raw edge of nature to maintain homeostasis. It was this dynamic that drove the early pioneers out of their established slums and chased them across the great plains into the unknown. There is a spirit of freedom that first seems to awaken a craving in the body and then later a contemplation for the soul. My father knew any form of escape was never a complete Answer, as it maintains a push / pull of self and other, yet one must first begin to notice where there is strain and where there is gain.

It is not natural to be sad. A broken animal is not a surrendered one. There has to be a basic agreement between man and beast, even cart and horse, for there to be a happy draw. The pull we speak of here is the elusive Call to be joined. Where, despite the rub, there is agreement, like the fjord cutting through the mountain, the ice cracking open the rock, or the stream smoothing the pebble. Each one invites the other to shift like a cosmic dance.

I used to be able to watch nature programs when I was small. The ample cubs rolling in the savannas was the same as a plain kill. Now with the personification of animals in wildlife programing, human dramas are overlaid on the dance, and psychological intrigue is written into every pounce. Creatures have become cognizant, embedded with forethought and worry, it’s frightening to watch. It demands that I be concerned about the water grouse instead of simply beholding the unfolding in the day of a life of a feathered fowl. This observer effect is more interfering than it first appears. Emphatic opinion is not very scientific, and the lens of reporting is often skewed with ratings and shock value. Every squirrel scurrying around the forest is now traumatized with the onset of autumn and the lack of nuts.

Apparently awareness is now synonymous with worry. More and more we teach the inherent danger in every system and forget the flow of goodwill and balance that is Mother Nature’s greatest attribute. We conceive of it as an accounting system of gains and losses rather than transformation and expression of energy. We fear retribution for wrongs and await our punishment for stepping out of the perceived order. I have not seen such a world, it is imagined.

When you try and control any system you lose awareness of it’s inherent operating system. Alan Watts calls it “the You that goes on of ItSelf.” We live in a benevolent universe. Like a child-proof room ready to receive a toddler open to expanding and making mistakes. Not a coercive one, demanding perfection and curtailing diversity of expression. There are no exteriorly organized flocks of birds, you do not soar through the skies in an elegant V shape by establishing a pecking order, and maintaining authoritarian rule. That’s insane thinking and a view point that has led us to a tragic world view.

We have revised nature with our own motivations and drives. We are now at war with ourselves and the planet. The crisis we face now is one of conscience, not the morality of right or wrong but of awareness of identity. Who we are and what it is we look upon. What is your perspective? 2020 vision calls us to stop drawing and calculating in the dirt. Heads up, wipe the rich loamy soil from your eyes and stop predicting earthquakes. Constant monitoring and external evaluation implies a false sense of control that we do not have.

Pause, take a deep breath and “be here, now.” See that everything is unfolding perfectly exactly as it is. Only from this relaxed open space will you be able to behold your very nature and the benevolent universe passionately living life through you. You are the center of an immense galaxy, it is a viewing gallery and only your witnessing will save it from the destruction you fear you have caused. It is not your fault—it is your invitation to the dance of life, to fearlessly take a hand in trusting and allowing what needs to unfold to serve the whole. Without greed or self-protection there would be an experience of safety and abundance.

Without a hypothetical future you would experience an immense gift—a present without preoccupation!

The world is not trying to kill you
it is inviting you
to AWAKEN to the Truth of Who You Are
—if you let it!

Take a break from listening to Greta Thunberg and Richard Attenborough and go see a movie that reminds you what you love about the world and being Alive, now!

Disney’s The Call of the Wild  opens this week in theaters. Beautifully directed by Chris Sanders, with a screenplay written by Michael Green and based on the novel by Jack London staring Harrison Ford and a CGI canine called Buck. @CallOfTheWild is very refreshing, I’m just in from it now. Lit with the call Home and the trust it takes to allow life to unfold and be Given! So happy that true intimacy, and real relationship simply present themselves, once we are open.

“He was mastered by the sheer surging of life, the tidal wave of being, the perfect joy of each separate muscle, joint, and sinew in that it was everything that was not death, that it was aglow and rampant, expressing itself in movement, flying exultantly under the stars.” ―Jack London, The Call of the Wild