The Magic Of Ordinary Days

I stumbled upon this movie at the weekend, another deep call of the heart answered by everyday ordinary miracles. I can’t even put words to the gift this intimate story of Forgiveness and arranged marriage was for me. I felt abundantly blessed by my own experience of Holy Relationship and the  depth of Love that it reveals everyday. I simply offer it to you—as is—for your own experience.

The Magic Of Ordinary Days ~ ACIM Movie Review ~ Waking Up with the Movies

Adapted from the novel by Ann Howard Creel, The Magic of Ordinary Days is a powerful exploration of the nature of trust and love. It is a forgiveness movie about allowance and true intimacy. Pregnant out of wedlock, Livy Dunne; a sophisticated, and educated young Denver woman is pressured by her minister father into an arranged marriage. Hoping to avoid a scandal she is sent immediately to a church in rural Colorado to wed a lonely beet farmer, who she knows nothing about.

The pastor invites the couple to “Imitate Christ in your new life together—give hope when there is sorrow, strength when there is weakness, faith and understanding when there is confusion or doubt.” Setting the attitude of allowance that the movie offers.

“Words of kindness had always been more difficult for me to handle than harsh reprimands. Ever since I had been quite young, I could resist those who went against me, had been able to deny their opinions. My inner strength came from an ability to handle, then separate myself from, adversity. Compassion, however, brought up more raw emotion than judgments could ever stir.” 
―Ann Howard Creel, quote from the novel The Magic of Ordinary Days


Oppressed by shame, and longing to re-connect with the soldier who got her in trouble she politely acquiesces to this seemingly fake arrangement.

Despite her judgement and disapproval of rural farming life her new husband Ray Singleton meets her with magnitude and true empathy. In an extraordinary film of understanding and compassion we watch Ray’s total commitment to the assignment illuminate and soften the often harsh judgements and self loathing that Livy holds against herself.

LIVY:“Ray I was just wondering, why you agreed to this?”
RAY: “When the reverend come out to see me and told me about your situation, well I thought – I thought maybe it be God’s will.”

Livy’s disdain for common farming conversation and her passion for archaeology demand that Ray dig deep to unearth the deeply buried shame that has Livy still seeking for redemption through a re-kindling of her relationship with the babies father.

Livy’s new friends, two American born Japanese interment camp workers emphasize the theme of family obligation, and self sabotage. Their collective grievances highlight the quiet despair of bright aware women scrambling for scraps of specialness to offset the seeming loss of higher purpose.

“I’ve often wondered, even to this day, why during painful times some people seem to step away from themselves and make decisions that fall far out of their usual line of character and behaviour. Perhaps a natural reluctance to sit still is central…” 
―Ann Howard Creel, quote from the novel, The Magic of Ordinary Days

Mindful and without grabbing, Ray see’s a world of total support for the marriage assignment. His natural patience gives Livy a spacious and caring environment in which she is able to face her fear of loneliness and voluntarily reach out for true connection without compromise.

Set against the hardship and uncertainty of rural America during World War II, this is a beautiful and abundant heart opening Holy Relationship movie.

The Magic of Ordinary Days (2005) Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie staring Keri Russell and Skeet Ulrich

 The Magic of Ordinary Days (2005) Rent or buy the movie to experience the everyday, ordinary miracles of forgiveness and trust as taught in A Course in Miracles.

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