Time Travel

It’s exactly three years since I took this photo in Gunnislake, Cornwall in the UK. It reminded me of Doctor Who‘s time traveling tardis, and was the nearest communication device to the yurt where I was in hermitage. It feels like the same moment. One of coming out of sequestered silence and into high communication.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 1.13.12 AM

I have been embedded in the bosom of a devoted non-dual spiritual community for the last nine years. And now I find myself caught in a surprise Spring. At first I tried to bury my head back into dormancy and germination but the green shoots were already bending towards the sun and all I could do was follow, rising to the occasion and making myself available to the Light. I have no idea how I will be utilized by the Spirit. I am committed to blooming where I am planted and sewing the seeds of Forgiveness wherever I roam.

“… it takes no time at all to be what you are. Begin to practice the Holy Spirit’s use of time as a teaching aid to happiness and peace. Take this very instant, now, and think of it as all there is of time. Nothing can reach you here out of the past, and it is here that you are completely absolved, completely free and wholly without condemnation. From this holy instant wherein holiness was born again you will go forth in time without fear, and with no sense of change with time.”  —A Course in Miracles (T-15.I.9)

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