An intimate wake-up call from the delusion that ‘buying time’ is the solution!
“Love waits on welcome, not on time.”

Upload on Amazon Prime has 10 episodes on the movement from getting to giving. Season one of this Holy Relationship series where to have you must give all to all, encourages a virtual character to fall in love with a real live girl and get an upgrade for his attitude.

In an old fashioned system of reciprocity and specialness it is risky to be involved without ratings (judgement) but for Norah and Nathan they must learn to give a giga-bit without expectation or guarantees. Moved to become his Real Life angel Nora comes alive in a world where she felt she never truly fit-in! 🥽 🐇

With virtual heaven and measured pre-pay expectations this dystopian tech/food fusion future has harnessed the power point presentation of heaven for sale. With in-app purchase eternal personality and consumerism is guaranteed.

Can Nathan use True Love, this glitch in the matrix, to transcend the shame of his old identity when full memory is restored?

Can we use it to see where time and eternity have become a luxury we postpone to savor later?

It’s clear from this new perceptive and tv show that hell is being left to endlessly entertain this personae by postponing the awareness of what is true and valuable. 🐇 🥽

Watch #UploadTV these sincere yet light hearted episodes from Amazon Prime and GregDaniels with 3 Arts Entertainment and Deedle-Dee will allow the Spirit to unwind your mind back to the Truth of Who You Are.

Stellar acting and direction
Love @robbieamell love @andyallo 🥽

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