baby listening to choose once again

“Choose Once Again to Listen” Podcast

Choose Once Again to Listen: Listening now to the Voice for Love is taking the Correction. ACIM’s True responsibility is a devotion to accepting the atonement (that nothing has ever gone wrong) first, so that all thinking and the action that flows from it is truly right minded and Guided. Focusing on the error or launching into panic stricken make-up movements in form shuts off the communication that reminds us of the Truth of who we are.

Audio 1/2 ~ edited ~ of a Gathering held at the A Course in Miracles “Choose Once Again” group in St. Louis held at the Pause for Inspiration Office Nov 2/2017.  “Spirit Led Life” East–West USA Tour 2017.


A baby laughing Choosing Once Again for Happiness

“Choose Once Again for Happiness” Podcast

Choose Once Again for Happiness: Sarah St. Claire shares some of her early-days ACIM parables of opening up to listening to, and following the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Voice for Happiness. Your next step seen correctly will always be something you can easily do. The invitation in the development of trust is to face and question fear thoughts and the belief in sacrifice, rather than pushing through. Part2/2

“Fear not to recognize the whole idea of sacrifice as solely of your making. And seek not safety by attempting to protect yourself from where it is not.” ACIM (T-15.XI.1)


Baby listening to choose once again

“Choose Once Again” Sarah St.Claire ACIM Podcast A Course in Miracles

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