Burning Bush

There is only One Voice. Any “other” is an idea of disparaging doubt and that is not yours, or you. Even “its” seeming tenacious hold does not say anything about You. Undefiled You remain.

He brought me out into a spacious place;
He delivered me, because He delighted in me.
—Psalm 18:19

The comfort of this world does not imbue Peace and therefore will never settle your Spirit falsely. It covets only protectionism from a frost it fears but has never found, and a familiarity it feigns affection for but has never flourished in.

A moments quiet in this restless space and you will see that it is impossible to deny the rub, that raw ache that Calls for Home. Allow these tiny pricks of disquiet to ignite a passion. A movement in the mind that at once despises restriction and transcends limitation.

Alight! In one Holy Instant we are found aflame with the singular desire for alignment and aliveness. The ultimate Comforter bids us come back to our Self, At-One-ment.

Woman in red cloak in the hills with mountains in the distance and a large bright orange tree.

“Burning Bush” This Mystic Life, Alabama Hills, CA 2023

No earthly nest you could ever build would shelter you from Salvation, or keep you from Life’s longing for ItSelf. The shroud of shoulds in which you cover your shame, is unwarranted and unwieldy on this naked Innocence that craves the gentle warmth of the Son.

No resolution is found here. Roaming and ruminating upon the earth, there is no safe haven. Yet if we accept we are lost and miss our Shepherd then we are instantly returned to the fold.

Unprepared the soul is found, startled by Grace and embraced by Spirit.

Mystic woman with long blonde hair in a red hooded cloak

“Unprepared” the soul is found, startled by Grace and embraced by Spirit.

Only through Love can Reconciliation restore true care, for contrition is the desire to be near the Beloved and out of this profound belonging does right thinking come.

Attrition defensive in nature and doubting in decency does crawl and creep and seek to ameliorate, beguile, befriend, and insinuate its unwanted self. Never questioning its identity: obsequious and ingratiating it becomes as a wolf amongst sheep. There is no hiding the hunger and lack of belief in Welcome.

Blonde woman in a red hooded cloak sits in front of a cave with hills and tall mountains in the background

“Yield” mystic Sarah St. Claire

Inevitably in a moment of complete disillusionment and awareness of the paltry efforts we make—we yield.

At once exhausted and exalted by our own futile attempts, we exhale and collapse in our total God dependence, resistant no more to His Last Judgement.

Surrendered as Spirit, we give up the ghost.


Writing: In response to a Mighty Companion by Sarah St Claire
Photography: Chris Hoffberger & Sarah St. Claire
“Burning Bush” Alabama Hills, CA 2023
“Unprepared” Alabama Hills, CA 2023
“Yield” Alabama Hills, CA 2023
“Surrendered as Spirit” Alabama Hills, CA 2023



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Acceptance in ACIM,  acourseinmiracles, is of the Atonement, unlike attrition, in Catholiscism, Christ is seen in Christian mysticism as Acceptance of defenselessness, through Forgiveness, where it translayes as perfect contrition. This HolyInstant we are HostToGod. As Joseph Campbell shares in his heroes journey the destination is to KnowThySelf. This mystic adventure, of Prayer, Presence, and ultimately Reconciliation, with the Spirit, is what a Spirit led Life is for. As demonstrated by Sarah St. Claire, This Mystic Life is a shift from vulnerability, to defenselessness and Invulnerability through surrender to a Higher Self.