So many friends as I journey Home winding down some seemingly blind alleys and frequent country roads only to find the most serendipitous Holy Encounters and sublime friendships. “Your passage through time and space is not at random.” —ACIM (W-pI.42.2.3)

Chris acim electronic gospel soul
~ Electronic / Gospel / Soul / EDM

Chris was determined to step out of the ego’s “shit plan.” Devoted to truth he discovered A Course in Miracles was his path to present peace. Committed to experiencing release and freedom in mind he has found epic adventure by living a Spirit led life. He loves being done through in his music and his daily life. Following Guidance  moment by moment has allowed him to surrender the past. He’s a “happy learner” a gifted musician who loves composing art.



~ Christian / Praise

Connie brings God’s heart to the Body of Christ through worship & the Word. Worship for her is a lifestyle, saturated with the very presence of God. He has placed a vision in her to equip the Body of Christ to walk in the fullness of their salvation and to truly know the SOURCE in an intimate way. Connie is a *prophetic psalmist, who demonstrates the power of worshiping in Spirit and Truth.



Svava Love Mystic singer / songwriter guitar
~ Mystical / Christian / ACIM

Svava is an Icelandic mystic who has devoted her life to Awakening after a deep Call in her heart to know the truth. In 2016 A Course in Miracles came into her life following a prayer for consistent peace and happiness. ACIM led her deeper into undoing of the false self—as she moved through “the dark night of the soul” with Jesus by her side. Svava’s lives a simple life of prayer, devotion and music extending Love and Light.


steph yeager music authentic passion mystic montana
~ Americana / Folk / Country / Soul

Steph is a Montana blow-in passionate about her music and as heartfelt as the songs she covers and coins. Listening to her is a  heartfire of solace and celebration. Singer / songwriter and all round musician. One of the first folk I met in Paradise Valley when she stepped off her singing stool and gave me a big hug. Funny thing was I later realized her music was already on my travel playlist!


* A prophetic psalmist is one who flows in the gift of prophecy and can hear what the Lord wants His people to know through melodies and songs!