Mysticism is a Way of looking and Seeing without naming or defining separate parts. It does not seek to alter what it finds, it merely seeks to change the mind about what is perceived—by first questioning it. Beliefs of self and other are gently relinquished, as a singular Awareness is welcomed that desires only present Peace.


But you remember,
from just this little part,
how lovely was the song,
how wonderful the setting
where you heard it,
and how you loved those
who were there
and listened with you.
—ACIM (T-21.I.6:3)


Mysticism can seem strange and other worldly to the mind that associates the unknown with the unsafe. Yet it is a simple as the delight of sun sparkle on the water as a breeze ripples by. The play of that which seems at first invisible and yet is our ground of Being. Simple delight beyond the false cause and effect equation to which we have become habituated.

Many have claimed A Course in Miracles to be an intellectual pathway. I have not found that for myself. It may at first appear to the self as a quest—a mountain of learning—to be conquered for personal achievement. But that is the miracle of it. We begin with a structured familiar construct like “learning something new” or, “taking a course” so the mind relaxes thinking, “it knows” while the subliminal questioning of the Workbook invites the subconscious deeper into a state of suspended belief where Presence may enter.

This profound intimacy at once seductive, with the rhythm of its iambic pentameter, and challenging with its mesmerizing use of double negatives, engages us like a zen koan despite our tenacious desire to wrangle the words and extract meaning.

We seem to pass out upon the page and wonder, “what happened?” Eyelids heavy with resistance yet also gently subdued into relaxation while trying to grab for self realization. While you “try” to do the Course it “does you!”
It is only if we want to “know something” or attain something, like “expertise” that it becomes a heavy tomb—for the ego loves to study itself.

Yet if we have been willing, to simply follow the instructions upon the page and not “do more” than what is asked a benevolent universe begins to open. Cracks of light penetrate even the most defended intellectual armor and a gentle expansive warm inner experience begins to teach us of ItSelf.

This little step,
so small it has escaped your notice,
is a stride through time into eternity,
beyond all ugliness
into beauty that will enchant you,
and will never cease
to cause you wonderment
at its perfection.
—ACIM (T-17.II.2:6)

If the desire to “participate” in Awakening and the willingness to be “on board” persists, there is no greater section for practical application than: Chapter 30: Rules for Decision. A timeless template for how to have a happy day!

In our devoted practice of following the simple steps Rules for Decision advises, we become intimately aware of our reliance on another set of *conditions that we have set in place that believe peace is impossible.

I find this section one of the most beneficent experiments, where even the most cynical of us can be surprised by Joy when we Trust the Spirit only wants us to have a happy day.

By denying anything that seems to come towards us is for a purpose other than Peace, we push past the musty fur trappings of our traditional wardrobe in the attic, and “arrive” in Narnia!

Christ Presence is this open, Child-like wonder where all things work together for good.


For forgiveness literally transforms vision,
and lets you see the real world
reaching quietly and gently across chaos,
removing all illusions that
had twisted your perception
and fixed it on the past.
The smallest leaf
becomes a thing of wonder,
and a blade of grass
a sign of God’s perfection.
—ACIM (T-17.II.6:2-3)


And in the light and joy of simple trust,
you will but wonder why you ever thought
that you must be defended from release.
—ACIM (W-135.24:2)

He comes with miracles

a thousand times as happy
and as wonderful
as those you ever dreamed
or wished for in your dreams.
—ACIM (W-106.4:4)


DAY 19*: #40DaysOfReflection on Christ Presence with Sarah St. Claire 



** Originally written & to be shared on Sunday March 11th, due to technical difficulties with This Mystic Life website there has been a 7-day delay in sharing—we shall now slowly bring forth the fruits of this 40-Days of Reflection on Christ Presence which continued uninterrupted for Sarah.

HOW to have a HAPPY DAY?
Rules for Decision —A Course in Miracles (T-30.I)

“You should ask, instead, for help in the conditions that have brought the fear about.” —ACIM (T-2.VI.4:3)

Image 1: Mysticism: Living in the unseen ~ Tobias Reich via Unsplash
Image 2: Mystical frost ~ Michael Held via Unsplash

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