Heart Strings

I don’t know anything but this urge to suddenly have a platform from which to share has overtaken me this morning. Ideas of preparation or set up time have been skewed in this immediate ability to extend whole heartedly that I am simply here, now and available. I can feel the vulnerability that this unknowing yields. But I also feel that word suggests the slight possibility of attack and so as I write I invite a new word that sums up this open, unguarded, expectant, intimacy.

Immediately I feel this liquid Grace pour into my being. Presence floods my awareness and I am like a harp plucked from aloneness into a vibration of Love, where everyone and everything is harmonized to the same frequency. It does not entertain the idea of harm and releases a personal sense of doing. It is more like a state of osmosis across a semi-permeable membrane that doesn’t discern what is needed in either direction, yet simply allows that flow.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.00.01 PM
Moya Brennan ~ In Your Perfect Time

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