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Isn’t it Romantic movie review: Sometimes you need to get everything you thought you always wanted in order to discover your heart’s true desire. In a long litany of rom-com homages, this miracle movie transcends the genre by playing by it’s rules! A lot like the first lego movie and the pristine mind of “Emmet” it is the unknowing innocence of Rebel Willson’s character (Natalie) that gets taken for a fairy godmother turn. Not until she is confronted with the impending hotness of Liam Hemsworth, ripped and wet in a towel—ready, willing and able to love her—does she face her own fear of intimacy. For like Trinity in the Matrix, Natalie must discover who the One is, the One she must decide to declare her love for.

Isn’t It Romantic Review: Rebel Wilson vs. Julia Roberts – equally glam but with an internal makeover!

The movie lines-up the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence by comparing oversized girls to car-parks: unseen, under-appreciated places that could be just as exciting and inviting as a high-class hotel lobby if they had a little light shone on them! And this movie is generous with both lighting and costume for Rebel and the former miss world Priyanka Chopra. The film evens the playing field of body preferences by lavishing glam on both, leaving the girls to compete plainly in a game of true congruence. After all the movie reminds us, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” —Gandhi

Hemsworth reveals a whole lot for Rebel Wilson in Isn’t it Romantic!

What gets exposed in this story is the “pretend problem” that we all like to heal. For Natalie it’s the “I’m too fat” / “not good looking enough” to be loved quandary. This socially reinforced spurious ‘fact’ reigns unquestioned, while the ego sits sniggering at the actual block hidden in plain view. Ironically it is Natalie’s following of her rom-com obsessed assistant’s invitation to appreciate the insights of this heart opening genre, that leads to a shift in perception. Unfortunately for Natalie this change of mind involves a mugging—as she comes face-to-fist with her pervasive fear of being duped. Yet as “all things work together for good,” this momentary lapse from being resigned and cynical is just the invitation the Universe needs to expand her mind with a happy dream of possibility.

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A pumped-up super speed dating comedy
designed to remind you that
feeling good isn’t just romantic—it’s essential!

Immediately Natalie is faced with her addiction to struggle. Her sidelined comfort zone is gone and the absence of her self-loathing cloak of invisibility reveals a dependency on being marginalized as part of her basic identity. Now being seen and appreciated,  Natalie comes face-to-face with her own recoil!

This is a great movie, it steadily and artfully leads you through an experience of facing your own shame and repulsion while treating you like a princess! In fact it is this unconditional love that allows Natalie to ultimately release pretend problems by focusing all her attention on allowing herself to receive, thereby taking true responsibility for sight. How many times have we missed opportunities to gladden ourselves?

This is a feel-good leveler which reminds us, if you are not going to even give yourself a chance, why would you expect anyone else to? Stop asking permission to exist and get on with capital L living. If you are sick and tired of the endless rounds of dystopian melodrama streaming for the living dead on TV right now, then this movie will resuscitate you! In a time of post-apocalyptic programing for zombies, this is a very accessible, heartfelt wake-up call.

Have you really considered how many
opportunities you have had to gladden yourself,
and how many of them you have refused?

from “This Need Not Be”
A Course in Miracles  T-4.IV.8 ~


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  1. Wow !!! – so beautifully, clearly explained / reviewed / articulated, Spirit-through-Sarah – Thank-you !!!

    1. Thank you Christine – she even acknowledges the Matrix in the movie! We are all seeing the prison of our minds—now in technicolor! 🙂

  2. It’s clear this movie is a must-see movie. I can’t wait to enjoy this experience. How timely !!!

    Annette Amor.

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