Unencumbered by the idea of noise and necessity, we can observe the mind that is running us. This fortuitous step back reveals at once the beliefs and desires in the mind that need to be questioned, and ultimately that we Are Free. That is why the quintessence of Forgiveness as A Course in Miracles shares it is in Accepting the release each instant offers!

The invitation is to Present Peace, not some future idea of enlightenment.

Our devotion to Peace must be a singular desire to see the possibility of Forgiveness and experience the relief of being mistaken in every moment. This shift may be almost imperceptible at times as we devotedly go through our day, yet a singular desire that prizes Peace of mind, second by second becomes aware of slight tensions and stray hairs of irritation that traverse “the face of innocence.” *ACIM (T-31.V.2.6)

Allow this intolerance to guide you deeper, to discover the beliefs and desires that need to be questioned in order to yield to Peace—exactly as it is!

I am extremely forgiving vs I Am the Quintessence of Forgiveness

“Trying” won’t work here and diligence is too tight, only the soft surrender of other goals and other moments allows us to tip over in a waterfall of release, undefended and reckless with future concern. By not protecting our self-concept we open a portal for receiving the Truth in every moment. With a growing disregard for the supposed consequences of failing our “self” or “other”, a preference establishes to Know ThySelf more intimately. A spaciousness arises even in the most dramatic of moments. Choice points for Christ Presence and the Vision of the Spirit are palpable, and even when not chosen are witnessed to as the truth in the moment, and remain a viable option for the next intensity. A mighty companion of direct experience, the surety of and elder Brother, and the welcome for mistakes and Correction! There is no coercion here only Brotherhood.

You need be neither careful nor careless;
you need merely cast your cares upon Him
because He careth for you.

ACIM (T-5.VII.1.4)

When we begin to accept the promise of A Course in Miracles and the Truth of Being, relying on it more and more as our Guiding light—the release from judgement of our “self” and “other” becomes an epic draw. Innocence is an altar where we gladly kneel for Correction again and again to feel the Light of Love upon us. We are in the tractor beam of the happy learner.

Mystical Light beam of forgiveness - quintessence

Mystical Light – Release is the Quintessence of Forgiveness in A Course in Miracles

Grace is a Way of moving through this world beyond the snags of past thinking, smoothly into Eternity. It burgeons in our acquiescence and blossoms in our abandonment to God. “Thy will be done!”

Instead of feeling usurped, we discover all the more intimately a unique experience of Self more true than any individualized role we have been playing. Gone are the lists of fames, foibles and fails, what remains is the Miracle of a singular purpose of Forgiveness which Sees everything the same and would find it impossible to attribute guilt or blame.

People-pleasing is a slave’s concern and is only diluted by a longer chain when we think of it being about “others.” One chink at a time we break the bonds of belief and sacrifice that we have dedicated our lives to upholding. It is only in the choke-hold of the final irons of self-hatred where we can see the captor as the separate will we once prized, and finally forego it’s bounty—seeing it offers us only time.

You do not need “more time.” Time does not heal, it wares heavily on the Holy Child lost to repentance and afraid of Atonement. Better to collapse your misgivings and ask for the final judgement, now!

The Quintessence of Forgiveness is Release in every moment!

With ACIM the Quintessence of Forgiveness is Release in every moment!

It will arrive swift and sharp like a sword of clarity cutting through the chains of mesmerism: accomplishment and shame, releasing the mind in joyful Innocence.

For Vision is the ultimate alchemy—translating all you thought you see into recurring opportunity—to BE FREE! Release is the Quintessence of Forgiveness and Acceptance the relief of Reality!

A Course in Miracles – Chapter 5 – VII
The Decision for God


Chapter 31 – V. Self-Concept versus Self

“A concept of the self is made by you. It bears no likeness to yourself at all.
It is an idol, made to take the place of your reality as Son of God.
The concept of the self the world would teach is not the thing that it appears to be.
For it is made to serve two purposes, but one of which the mind can recognize.
* The first presents the face of innocence, the aspect acted on.
It is this face that smiles and charms and even seems to love.
It searches for companions and it looks, at times with pity,
on the suffering, and sometimes offers solace.
It believes that it is good within an evil world.

This aspect can grow angry, for the world is wicked
and unable to provide the love and shelter innocence deserves.
And so this face is often wet with tears at the injustices
the world accords to those who would be generous and good.
This aspect never makes the first attack.
But every day a hundred little things make small assaults upon its innocence,
provoking it to irritation, and at last to open insult and abuse.”

A Course in Miracles (T-31.V.2-3)


Christian mystic Sarah St. Claire shares about the practical application of Forgiveness as taught through A Course in Miracles. A modern day mystic her emphasis is that healing has already happened and that Acceptance of the Atonement is our only function. Freed from the minutiae of worldly concerns we can restore our Awareness to what is truly helpful and serves the whole. A singular purpose out front means there are no mundane moments only an epic invitation to free the mind by using everything exactly as it seems to be for Forgiveness by accepting we have a perceptual problem!

~ 2 minute mediation with A Course in Miracles ~


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